Prime HD V8.0


Full Wipe required, don’t ask why, just do it!
Built from scratch
Removed PrimeDX Settings
Removed GalleryDX
Removed GingerDX modules
Added ‘Back button ends call’ into CM Settings for Stock kernel
Added Ultra Brightness feature for Stock kernel
Improved ICS transtions
Improved 2D/3D compared to 7.0
Lighter system
Wi-Fi fixed
CM7.2.0 via Stable branch
Updated Play Store
Updated Gingerbread Launcher
Code to merge the same ROM for Stock and Alfs kernel
Updated Google Apps
Fixes in Stock kernel Modules
Removed AdBlock
PrimeDX Settings for Alfs Kernel
Fixes in light sensors
Fixes in GPS
GalleryDX, thanks to B.Jay & eagleeyetom
Better battery for Stock kernel
New modules for Alfs kernel
Google Apps + ROM in one package
Supports Alfs for GingerDX, if you want to know why, then have a look at my G+ profile


Prime HD V8.0: Download

Intruções da Rom:

Clique Aqui

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2 thoughts on “Prime HD V8.0

  1. Alves

    he doesnt reboot after install!!

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