GingerDX V029


Based on MiniCM shakira device tree
CM nightly dated on 28/09/2012
New devices officially supported from now (Xperia X10 Mini, Xperia X10 Mini Pro, Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-5830 – thanks to CallMeVentus)
Updated Google Play Store to 3.8.17
Removed Nemus Launcher
Added Holo Launcher 1.2.4
Added Google Authenticator
Spare Parts/Dev Tools
Ultra-brightness power toggle
Native WiFi tethering (custom kernel only)
Option to remove all remembered networks by one click
Jellybean status bar and notifications
Jellybean sounds
Fully customizable AChep’s desk clock (math quiz, shake/flip to snooze/disable)
Centered clock option doesn’t require reboot anymore
GalleryDX’s scrolling bug fixed
Updated Pick-up-to-call
Revamped transparent statusbar
Updated SuperSU to v0.96
GalleryDX updated to v2.3.3
Flip-to-snooze the alarm bug fixed
Removed doixanh’s optimization – it was the cause of scrolling bug
ICSified Settings by default
Removed MIUI status bar battery style
New WiFi module (stock)
ClockworkMod v4.0.1.5 (stock)
Updated IT, RU, PL, VI translations (thanks to silverio.di, AChep and doixanh)
Thanks go to: – atomrat – RohinZaraki – navispidey – Sidy – neXt___ – x10man


GingerDX V029: Download

Instruções da Rom:

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One thought on “GingerDX V029

  1. Beto

    o link de download esta bloqueado

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