GingerGX V30, V31 e V31b


GingerGX V31b:

updated Ring Locker to show the time correctly
JellyBean theme updated (USB mounting)
updated Polish translation (sorry for that)

GingerGX V31:

Ring Locker (to activate go to GingerDX settings->Other)
PIE controls ported from ParanoidAndroid
PIE is a fully-customizable replacement for the stock on-screen navigation buttons found in more recent versions of Android. It stays hidden off-screen, only to be brought to life by a predefined gesture. PIE can be manifested on all four sides of the devices, and there’s even an option to set up multiple trigger areas, making this not only a neat mod to look at, but a convenient one, too. (
SuperSU 1.25
ES File Explorer
GalleryDX replaced with QuickPic 2.9.3
HoloLauncher 2.0.2
Big translation update (DE – laufersteppenwolf, PL – atomrat and me, IT – shineworld, RU – AChep, NL – SMillerNL, PT – jucazastrow )
Improved JellyBean theme
AliveDots Wallpaper – cool live wallpaper by AChep
Easter egg! Try to find it

GingerGX V30:

CM nightly dated on 15/01/2013
ICS Theme replaced by JellyBean lite
New JellyBean transitions ported from….php?t=2012179 thanks vicino!
Fully working KSM on Alfs v09c – open terminal/adb shell and type cat /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/pages_sharing to check.
Fixed LED settings
Fixed radio speaker routing – thanks to nobodyAtall
Restored DSP Manager
Statusbar panel background transparency
Reworked centered clock
Restored option to disable bootanimation
Updated Chinese, Slovak and Polish translations
Jellybean fonts and audio
GalleryDX v2.8.2
ESFileExplorer v1.6.2.4
SuperSU v0.99
HoloLauncher v2.0.1

GAPPs moved to separate package


GingerDx V31:

Stock Kernel:


nAa Kernel e Alfs Kernel:



Gapps: Download (V30 e versões acima)

Instruções da Rom:

Clique Aqui

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