Alfs – V09c



Renamed the GDX version to WLAN, because GDXv.29+ uses the cm7 version now.
video updates
fix all screen cut/displacement
move i2c back where it was in v08(no need to update lights any more)
new 691MHz
updates to cpufreq
updates to clock
added and set TINY_PREEMPT_RCU
updates to pm2.c
updates to wackelock
updates to power
updates to fbcon
add yaffs2 tweak
add cleancache to yaffs2
added aroma filemanager option in recovery menu by Djnilse. Download latest aroma filemanager from here and put it on sd-card.Make sure the file is named
improved modules method in ramdisk
ramzswap and tun.ko moved to modules and added cifs filesystem as module.You need to insmod tun and cifs to use them.
misc updates, check git for more info


Alfs V09c: Download

Página do Kernel:

Clique Aqui


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