Alfs – V9c

Renamed the GDX version to WLAN, because GDXv.29+ uses the cm7 version now.
video updates
fix all screen cut/displacement
move i2c back where it was in v08(no need to update lights any more)
new 691MHz
updates to cpufreq
updates to clock
added and set TINY_PREEMPT_RCU
updates to pm2.c
updates to wackelock
updates to power
updates to fbcon
add yaffs2 tweak
add cleancache to yaffs2
added aroma filemanager option in recovery menu by Djnilse. Download latest aroma filemanager from here and put it on sd-card.Make sure the file is named
improved modules method in ramdisk
ramzswap and tun.ko moved to modules and added cifs filesystem as module.You need to insmod tun and cifs to use them.
misc updates, check git for more info

Download: Alfs V9c

Alfs –  V9a

– usb connection fixed, thank alfsamsung for the fast update and that he sent me the kernel so i can upload it
i don’t have time to build it myself since i’m getting prepared for 3 weeks holidays
– nothing new for the cm7 version, check alfsamsung’s post for the changelog
– be sure to use the newest patch form alfsamsung’s post
and dont forget the LibSensorPatch down here

Download: Alfs V9a

Alfs –  V8a

– added Eduroam support
– a small update to ext4
– fix for MiniCM7 proximity sensor with old libs of MiniCM7, check attachments
flash it with CWM and have a nice week

Download: Alfs V8a

Alfs – V8 Fix 5 

– linked wifi driver instead of copying, should boot up a little faster
– cm9 wifi fix

Download: Alfs v8 Fix5 

Alfs – V8 Fix 3

– included charger in the ramdisk, so offline charging working now
– now touchrecovery should work fine for synaptics and cypress (alfsamsung reedited the bootrec)

Download: Alfs V8Fix3

Alfs – v8 ICS:
-New name again.This is the old “ICS” version,so latest adreno libs are needed.
-added touch recovery by Team UtterChaos from here
-touch recovery for both touch-screen types
-new images in recovery and bootlogo by djnilse + new buttons in recovery
-added partition sdcard in recovery(ext2/3/4+swap) and fix permissions under advanced menu.
-new/rebuildt ramdisk based on cm7 source
-updates to lowmemorykiller,oom and a lot of small updates.Look at git for more info
-removed 19,2Mhz because I belive cpu will never relax this low.
-djnilse is making this for cm7 (wifi=tiwlan)(gingerdx is wifi=wlan) roms.

Download: Alfs V8 ICS

Alfs -v7 ICS:
-added 2-way call recording tested with rVoix
-improved overclocking and enabled 691 and 19Mhz credits: nAa
-misc tweaks and cleanup.Look at git for more info.
-updates to cwm recovery.
-added a “ICS” version with new kgsl driver with graphic boost.Credits to nAa and FXP for this.
-For now the only new thing in “ICS” is this kgsl driver.
-The “ICS” version works on GingerDX if you “steal” the adreno libs from MiniCM7-2.1.8 The libs are: system/lib/ and system/lib/egl/*

Download: Alfs v7 ICS

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