nAa JB

nAa JB

nAa JB V05:

new .32 usb drivers for ICS/JB mtp support
built with linaro 4.7.3 toolchain
bluetooth: new rfkill implementation
Fixed msm_serial_hs_dma wakelock for mimmi
cypress: fix touchscreen driver for shakira
synaptics_rmi4: implement dt/nodt via module parameter (no more hijacking for no dt)
new vibrator implementation – better feedback
lz4 kernel + ramdisk compression – faster startup
decompressor: Enable unaligned memory access for v6 and above
enabled keychord
ramdisk improvements for smaller ramdisk and faster booting
mimmi: fixed keypad
synaptics: disabled dt by default to avoid ‘ghost touch’ side-effect

Download: nAa JB V05

nAa JB V04:

Latest CWM-v6.0.2.8
In-recovery charging
Sideload flashing from CWM
New wl12xx wifi drivers for improved performance and decreased power consumption
SmartassH3 CPU Governor
Built with arm-eabi-4.4.3 toolchain
Significant ramdisk improvements – kernel won’t stay on black screen on any bad flashing occassion – it will boot to recovery
CRT animation workaround for proper JB support

Download: nAa JB V04

nAa JB V03:

bootable with all CM-based android versions >=2.3
built with linaro 4.7.3 toolchain
offline charging
kgsl 3.11 from CAF
timed_gpio: backport from CAF
android: persistent_ram/ram_console backport from CAF
logger: backport from CAF
genlock: backport from CAF
sysfs VDD levels interface for configurable undervolting from userspace

Download: nAa JB V03


Ramdisk changes
Increase vm_max_readahead to 1024Kb

Download: nAa JB V02


Forked from nAa-ics-04
Tracing support for JB
pmem: bring up2date with CAF 2.6.38
genlock/kgsl fixes
Triple buffering support for msm framebuffer
Much more RAM
Custom mtd partitioning for JB

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