nAa ICS 04:

Built with linaro-4.7.1 toolchain
Ramdisk improvements
Tune dirty_background_ratio and vm_dirty_ratio
A bit more ram reclaimed
Better dual touch for mimmi

Download: nAa ICS 04

 nAa ICS 03:

Bug fixes from GingerZaraki V04
Improved overall performance(2D/3D/Scrolling)
Improved Stability
Added Battery Saving Mod by PureMotive
Fixed Wifi for Alfs V08a Cm7 by djnilse
Added tweaks in the build.prop for better performance
Revamped the Settings App (Xperia S Style)
Theme chooser in Settings/Display (thanks to atis112 for his sources)
Reverted back to Superuser from SuperSU
Updated Xperia S Fonts by Chris95X8
Added flagship theme – Xperia S Theme by Achep and Chris95X8
Added MegaBass Audio Engine Mod by D3HuM4NiZ3D due to popular demand
Added missing Google Apps (Gmail,VoiceSearch)
New default wallpaper
Fixed LiveWallpaper issues (thanks AckeflyRyzle for reporting)
Fixed disable bootanimation option

Download: nAa ICS 03

 nAa ICS 02:

msm_mdp: Ported from CAF 3.0
MDP_Y_CBCR_H2V2_ADRENO ported from CAF 3.0
kgsl: power management and improvements
Pmem support for camera
New cool kernel boot animation instead of static logo   

Download: nAa ICS 02

nAa ICS 01:  

Forked from nAa-11
Full ICS support
Genlock: backported from CAF 3.0
Socinfo and internal_power_rail ported from CAF 3.0
KGSL version 3.8 (1.2): backported from CAF 3.0 / Latest SE sources
netfilter: add xt_qtaguid table support for network statistics
netfilter: ported xt_connmark xt_mark xt_quota2 xt_TPROXY from latest SE sources
binder: backported from CAF 3.0
SmartassV2 bugfixes
Bluetooth tethering support
ICS ramdisk and related fixes

Download: nAa ICS 01

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